Hi! I’m Nicolas Bouilleaud and this is where I write stuff on the internets. You’ll mostly find stuff about iOS and Cocoa development and Objective-C hackery.

About me: I started writing Mac (and Windows) software in the early 2000s at LaCie 💾 (you may have lost data because of me), then contributed to dozens of iOS apps at Visuamobile 📱, then went freelance 🏖, then joined Capitaine Train 🚂 to lead the iOS development (that was wild 👯‍♂️👯).

These days, I’m enjoying the life of a freelance developer, among the very fine folks of Codeurs en liberté ✊. If you’re building something with love, maybe I can help ❤️.

Once in a while, I push an update to Bicyclette.app 🚲. If you live in a city with a bike-sharing network, you should give it a go.


💌 nico@bou.io
🐘 @_nb@mamot.fr
🦊 gitlab/n-b