Open Source Projects

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Bicyclette is the best iOS app for Bike sharing services in the world. I wrote it initially because the official app for Paris Vélib wasn’t that great, and I needed it. Also, it’s my iOS playground. Get it use it rate it share it.


KVCMapping is an objC library that lets you trivially import external data in your CoreData model. I’ve been using it personally for more than a year, and gradually adding features. Please have a look.


InstallSystemPlugins is a small utility for OS X, that does what the system should do by itself. Double-click on a QuickLook plugin, a Color Picker - bam, it’s installed.

CocoaHeads talks

I sometimes talk at CocoaHeads Paris. It usually involves strange hacks, obscure methods, and bad puns.

I use remark for the slides, so you can view the source code of the slides as well.